Products for cooling and heating of thermal processes

Our dimple plate heat exchanger itself, can be an integral part as the product of heating or cooling of a thermal process. The process, the design and the application need specifies a single embossed or double embossed dimple plate heat exchanger. In addition, more complex heat exchanger systems may be constructed of a plurality of individual dimple plate heat exchanger plates of an open type stainless steel construction. Accordingly, the shape and size of the space conditions and the required heat exchanger surface justify the requirements.

Furthermore, the heating of the processes by means of integrating a dimple plate heat exchange or dimple plate system is performed primarily with the media such as water vapor, chemical vapors or thermal oils. In addition, the cooling of the processes is carried out by means of a dimple plate heat exchange or dimple plate system by ice water, water glycol mixtures and conventional or alternative refrigerants with pump, gravity or dx operation.

Consequently, an optimized guided channel inside the dimple plate is important in order to achieve the lowest pressure drop losses. Of course, a high quality laser welding technique is required. Initially, we will focus the application task and apply as well as calculate the optimal media to be used. This is supported by our process engineering department with the calculation of heat exchangers (author is leader of our R&D department) and the selectio of optimal heat transfer (author is leader of our R&D department).

We have always assimilated engineering science and thermodynamics optimally in the various manufacturing processes.

Thermodynamicists,mechanical engineers and welding engineers define the dimensioning, design and construction of customised heat exchanger panels and systems in materials ranging from mild and austenitic steels through to titanium, and ensure successful distribution of their work worldwide.

In doing so they fall back on production engineering expertise and calculations developed in the course of the past hundred years that are still being continuously optimised in an ongoing process.

In the perception of our customers, the Buco product stands for:

Technical and process-oriented consulting
Thermodynamic efficiency
Quality and longevity